Business Excellence by CANEA ONE

The CANEA ONE product suite, designed and engineered by CANEA in Sweden, offers a unique set of capabilities for performance, process, project and content management. An all in ONE out-of-the-box management system platform and available in multiple languages. CANEA ONE is built on over 15 years of in-depth global business improvement expertise and provides a solution for managing the integrated set of processes and tools your organization needs to develop the strategy, translate it into operational activities and monitor and improve the effectiveness of both. CANEA ONE will unleash the full potential of your strategies, knowledge and teams.

The pace of change has changed

The global business environment is rapidly changing. Challenges and opportunities appear and disappear in an often unpredictable manner. CANEA ONE will provide your organization with vital decision-making support and capabilities to implement rapid improvements or changes in business direction. Instead of traditional sequential planning and execution processes CANEA ONE will help you work in a re-iterative and continuous manner, increasing your organization’s ability to be successful.